It was largely down to Panini’s Football ’80, that introduced me to the world of football. Prior to this, I was limited to my dad’s Fulham matchday programmes. Being a second division side, I was starved of the big named stars that a seven year old would crave – though Fulham did get a berth

Up the U’s!

April 27 2024 marks judgement day for Sutton United and Colchester United. Only one of them will retain their league status.

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Number 8 – Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town – The second (or third if you’re being pedantic) post in The Unessential Guide to the 92 League Clubs and more!

Fulham FC programme from way back when

Number 1 – Fulham

As far as supporting Fulham goes, there was never really a choice, it really did just happen. Organically some may say rather than through an iron fist.

92 league clubs

Do you remember the league ladders? As a Fulham fan in the 1980s, it was often too depressing to truly represent our league position.