Cult Zeros’ Unessential Guide to the 92 League Clubs and more!

92 league clubs

Do you remember the league ladders? As a Fulham fan in the 1980s, it was often too depressing to truly represent our league position. So, in an effort to place us 1st in Division One (the Premier League, kids), I would invent tables such as ‘Teams I quite like’, ‘Favourite grounds’ or ‘Best kits‘.

On what may be described as business suicide, I will be reviewing all 92 league clubs (and non-league / Scottish / overseas teams). It’s totally subjective, based on my own opinions built up since my interest in football started as a six year old in the late seventies. Totally irrelevant and self-opinionated!

Teams will be picked randomly each week.

Please note that I view all real supporters (is the term Legacy Fans now?) as a fraternity.